Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full of the Irish!!!!!

st-patricks-day-060 Are you Irish? Even just a little counts. Searching for my family has really been interesting. Arney and I are both full of it…tee hee!


Janet said...

No Irish that I know of but my first husband was 100% Irish and my two kids are I guess I can be honorary Irish for the day!

Lynn said...

No, but my husband is! Half!!! And he sings Irish music.

Lynn said...

Oh, and we MET in an IRISH PUB. Does that count????

Cat said...

No Irish that I know of... but I love the Irish Blessings - they are awesome.

Thanks for your comments! You might enjoy giving machine free motion stitching a try, you just need a foot for your machine - called a "darning foot" or now sold as "free motion quilting foot". Ty a small quilt sandwich... and see if it makes your smile!

Have a terrific weekend. L/C

Cat said...

rrrrrrr - I got that extra r in there - I meant makes YOU smile!

... plus it would give your fingers a break! My fingers used to get so sore from hand stitching!

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am Scottish but one of my husbands, the father of my boys, is black Irish. I always celebrate the holiday because I know there is a bunch of Irish relatives in the mix.
Listen you left a message on my blog about my bobbins. I would love to send you one or two. Please email me privately with your address.

Werna Gail said...

Irish ? me ? Daddy was ALL Irish, so I guess so.
I wish I had time to research the family history, it is something I really want to do, maybe later.
What a deal you found on the lace, it looks like the Lord wanted to bless you! More company coming this week-end, busy, busy, busy.