Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Researching family makes each person very real…Dotson line. I was thinking.

West Virginia 001 Today I spent a lot of time on the old Puter looking for family long ago and so far away…you could say they are long gone. But they are be coming very dear to me. The stories, the places they lived. This cabin is under construction. Nothing that will change it, things that will keep it from falling apart. This is in West Virginia . This is the Dotson Cabin. Built by family that I will never know, but they are apart of my family. What is really exciting is to find the people that lived here, one by one.x5JaLXDadnXXrOPe_h_N9kuNNgxbPuHUeYjt!B9HKw07CXPbJu!1tVxjyLn1dT2f Dotson Cabin


Queen Bee's Musings said...

The search from where we come from has always been close to my heart. Do you watch "who do you think you are?" great show.

Lynn said...

I am so enjoying your family hunt. I wonder where you found the cabin photo? I hope you do make it back to West Virgina one day. Happy hunting.

I like your new arty background here too.