Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finn…a dogs tail……………

DSCN1978 DSCN1894 DSCN1893 Everything went well with Finn’s surgery. He is on pain meds and antibiotic. He has stitches in both his front paws, and of course his little manly things are gone. The cone around his neck is very hard for him to deal with. With all that he has going on….it is one more thing to make him uncomfortable. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but really didn’t think that I would. He would have a low tiny cry and I was with him. Arney went to  Alexis our 9 going on 10 granddaughter play basketball today. Like me, he thought they were all adorable. I stayed home…nurse Mary is on call right now.

So that is the update on Finn, he will be just fine,….not sure about Arney and I, we hate that he is in pain……I hope everyone is thinking about Love, Chocolate, hearts, and flowers. Happy Valentines Day…….oxox

Monkey is his favorite toy, And then there is Frog-ie a close second.

LB our beagle is just confused about the whole thing. He has given Finn a kiss two times.


Kathy said...

aww, I know that collar well.
We lost our sweet Rocky in Oct., but when he was neutered and had dew claws removed, the little stinker, tore his stitches out. Back we went to the vet and he came home with that collar. So memories, of Your sweetie looks so content, and I know is getting lots of well deserved love. Hope all goes well. xo

Janet said...

Finn couldn't be in better hands. I know you'll take extra good care of him and he'll be up and running around again in no time.

Lynn Stevens said...

Awe, its so hard seeing our fur babies in pain. hopefully Finn will be feeling better soon.
hugs Lynn