Friday, February 17, 2012

When I was 5 years old.


Lee, Ethel, Albert, Lily & Mary E 001

I hated to have my picture taken outside. The sun hurt my eyes.

I lived with my Grandparents.

I wasn’t in school because church school kids started at age 6.

I would recite verses from the Bible in front of church often.

Nightly I prayed with my Grand mommy.

I loved my little cousin Lee, He and I became playmates.

I missed my Mama, I thought she was an angel that came to visit sometimes. She smelled so good. 

We lived in a small town called Pixley, California. In the valley of California, You knew everyone. No TV, so people visited on their front porch or yard. My grand mommy would stand by the fence talking to the neighbors a lot.

I played mostly with my Uncle Buddy, Aunt Sweetie, and Auntie Sug.

I was a lonely little girl.

I was and still am a chatter Box. I must have drove my Grand mommy half nuts…but she listened and loved me always.

I had make believe friends, If they could talk about me now, what did I share with them and no one else.

Family was the most important thing. We seemed to always have visits from different branches of the family.

Always room for one more at my grandparents table…always a lot of good food.

I did not like many foods. I was very thin.

When I was 5 years old…..





Ruth Kelly said...

I lived with my grandparents too. I was raised in a single family home but loved the times when I lived with grandma and grandpa.

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Mary, I always love hearing about your have such a wonderful way of telling it too! I hope all is good in your world ~ sending you much love and hugs, Dawn

Lynn said...

I never heard of Pixley before.
I wished you had lived across the street or next door to me in Vallejo, CA. Then you would have been playing with Patty, Joanne and Marion who all lived across the street from me. We all had our parents but we spent way more time with each other. Patty says our parents "maintained us" and we managed ourselves. From a very young age we walked all over town, then rode our bikes and skated. We played in the street in the evenings and in a empty dirt corner lot during the day. We had forts and dress up clothes, dolls and doll house furniture. We made up games, and lives, and personas. It was so much fun. We went home when my mom whistled and Patty's mom called when dinner was ready.
Then talked to each other on the phone after dinner. Life was pretty good then I think in our young world.

Journeyin' Lady... said...

I loved the story of your life! Thank goodness for grandparents who care for their little five year olds!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing this little piece of your life with us. I grew up in Northern California, Montclair, Martinez & later Piedmont. It sounds like you must have had a great imagination, growing up around all those 'big people' & no TV. I think children who live in their heads grow up to be such creative adults! True for you I know.

Betzie said...

I loved reading this reads like a SONG! You should put music to it! :) Hugs xo Betzie