Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

dottlott1 Here’s a little gift for Valentines Day….I thought you might find a place for her in your art. Love everyday, Mary


Ruth Kelly said...

I remember paper dolls. We didn't have a lot when I was a kid but I did have a paper doll. Happy Valentines to you - love your music - one of my favorites.

Ruth Kelly said...

You're it. You've been tagged. Visit my blog today for the rules. If it's too much, don't feel obligated but it is just a bit of fun.


Lynn said...

I adore paper dolls. Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!!! xoxo

Jackie said...

I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect! More powers to your blog. keep posting!

- Jackie of web design

Betzie said...

Thanks Mary! Downloaded...:)
Glad your baby boy is doing well now! They recover quickly but that collar didn't look fun for him. Poor boy..he is lucky to have you!