Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Morning Mr. Sunshine :)

 DSCN2770                              As the clouds move in with a possibility of rain, we have sunshine in the new loft.

DSCN2769 Arney is putting on the sunshine.


In all our time together, and the homes we have lived in this is our first time to use yellow.

I hope there is some sunshine in your day!!!


Janet said...

Not a lot of sunshine here today. We're expecting rain later in the day and we can sure use it.

Our guest room is yellow...and it's the first yellow room I've ever had.

Lynn Cohen said...

So much: those boxes are wonderful! You saved them so well! Love the Sunshine in through the windows and on the walls. This will be such a cheerful room!

Love the leaves and header too!

Raining cats and dogs here, but going to play with grand kids, bringing art supplies. All will be fun!

So happy Arnie is able to do all this hard work!!!

Susie said...

Happy sunshine Mary, I love the sun and how it just makes me feel better. Hoping your sunny room will be a blessing. xoxo, Susie

Ruth Kelly said...

Being brave - I've been thinking about painting my hallway a pale yellow. Great to have a new room with new colors!

NanaDiana said...

When my kids were babies I always painted their room sunshine yellow. No matter how dark and dreary the day the room always looks bright and made me feel like smiling.
You are getting closer and closer to being done...yaaaay xo Diana

Kate said...

Yellow is such a sunshiny color. I love a yellow room. No sunshine here I think we are epxecting snow.