Saturday, February 23, 2013

List of jobs you had from the first to now or the last job you had?

What did your first job teach you?OB-MQ762_JC0220_G_20110219162636

1. Although it was my Grandpa’s cotton, I was 8 years old. I had my own cotton sack that he made for me. It was hard work. I picket for 2 days and made 75 cents.

2. At the age 10 I washed coke glasses for Peter’s Drug store fountain & Cafe. My Mom was the manager. I made 45 cents an hour. And all the cherry coke I could drink.

3. Baby sitter for neighbor. I usually came home with about 3.00. That was great, it kept me in nylons and hair spray. age 12.

4. From 12 to 16 I mostly did Baby sitting. And at the end of summer picked cotton for my Grandpa.

5. Worked a short time for the richest lady in Placerville, California. Cleaned, listened to her till stories, and had been told she was mean, but I thought she was nice. We had tea together. She gave me a dollar twice a week. This was a short job because I couldn’t always get a ride.

6. Continued to Baby sit, it got me things that I needed. We lived to far from town for me to get a real job.

7. I got married at 18 and Arney did not want me to work, so he took care of us as long as he could. My first job after getting married was at the fruit shed doing food packs for the Army. Made 1.10 an hour. Thought I was going to freeze to death.

8. Worked at Sears in the Candy department. Worked there until cars were being turned over in the parking lot. 1965.

9. worked at Fabric King, fabric cutter. I had more fabric at home than anyone should have. But I could buy it for 10 cents a yard.

10. Worked at K-mart. Cashier, stopped working when Trevor was born.

11. Bought and sold collectables for a number of years.

13. Worked from home winding electric components

14. Cleaned houses for private families and after constructions.

15. Paid position at our church as a Youth Director. 10 years enjoying the teens as a friend and teacher.

16. Worked for Home-style industries as a curtain maker.

What did I learn from my first job? That you can work very hard and make very little money. But at the end of the day you still felt good. 



Janet said...

I doubt if I could remember what I earned at many of my jobs! I mostly did babysitting until I got out of high school...then I worked for Illinois Bell as an operator. That was my first real job. Back then it was considered a very good place to work and I made good money.

Lynn Stevens said...

Your not kidding. I remember cleaning houses as a teenager. Back breaking work even then. Baby sitting was much easier. and I was the only teen in town. ha! always worked over the weekends.
TFS brings back memories.
hugs Lynn
best of luck in my giveaway!

Ruth Kelly said...

I worked in my grandfather's store and just got experience in making change at the cash register.

Lynn Cohen said...

Wow!I loved reading this. Your history/herstory is so interesting.
Seems others are sharing so I will too.
Earliest jobs were babysitting for 25 cents an hour.
Then my across the street neighbor's father asked me to do some typing in his barber shop back office. Cant remember what I made in 1957 but it wasn't much.
First REAL job after school at a music store with a huge old fashioned cash register. I was so nervous. I could not make change easily and the owner stood behind me looking over my shoulder. I remember going to lunch across the street and wanting to get on a bus and go home. But I did go back.
Next big job was after I dropped out of college at 18 and worked at State Farm Insurance Company as a file clerk. I saved $1600 in a year and a half and used it to travel to Mexico and Europe and Israel. It went a long way that money did.
Later I did in-home day care for toddlers; worked in a nursery school as head teacher for Head Start; Went back to college and got a degree and became a Bio Feedback trainer. Later went back again and got a Masters Degree and became a licensed marriage, family therapist and have been doing that work for the past 22 years!Whew, can I retire sometime soon?

Journeyin' Lady... said...

This was a great blog and loved following your job history. . .I enjoyed it so much I think I will steal/borrow your idea for my blog.