Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flowers for our staircase!

I went looking for a string of decorative lights for my staircase and found nothing that I liked.

These lights are to help us see in the middle of the night as we come downstairs.

I was feeling very frustrated when a thought came to mind! I can make my own. So I went to the dollar store and bought some very pale peach flowers. I took them all apart. Got out my ever faithful glue gun and started putting them on the string of lights.

So here is what I did…Flowers 002

Flowers 006 Flowers 008 Flowers 010

Flowers 012 Flowers 014

Flowers 019 Flowers 022 Flowers 024

Flowers 026 So this is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Now I am ready for a trip to the Abby….see you there!!!


Janet said...

You are so clever! Those flower lights look great and will do the job just right.

I can't believe the season is over after tonight! It just got started and now it's ending. :-(

NanaDiana said...

Well-How cool is that! Great job and they look sweet. See you at the Abby. xo Diana

Ruth Kelly said...

Very very clever.

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Clever idea and so pretty. Your room looks beautiful and I so enjoyed your heirloom photos on the chimney.
Your Arney and my husband very comparable as mine built our staircase also.
Blessings for your day.