Wednesday, February 20, 2013


How is your memory? I seem to forget what day it is or when I should be at an appointment, I need to start writing things down on a very large calendar. This could be my next project…a big chalkboard. I will think about that tomorrow and then I will forget to remember.

Anyway it is Weds, and I went to the market, worked on the knitting project, and took pictures of Finley. Oh, I took a bath. Big Day! But it is only 4:30 maybe something wonderful will happen…like doing the laundry that is calling my name.

Here are a couple of pictures, it’s the best I can do today, I forgot what I was really going to do!!!!!

Finn 035 

Finn 026

Can’t you see I am trying to take a nap!


Janet said...

I use the calendar that Google has and I'd be lost without it! I put everything into that calendar and it reminds me when I need to do things.

Finley looks so cute...and your knitting is looking good.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- You ARE funny! I hope you remember to remember tomorrow! That knitted project is just beautiful! xo Diana

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your knitting is looking great! Twyla

Ruth Kelly said...

I use my phone to beep me 15 minutes before my appointments so that I can remember to go to them and I use a monthly calendar where I write appt. too. I like to still read hardcopies, notes and books.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love your writing, story! And what a sweet pup, and knitting.
Just remember how special you are to so many!