Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When will the hate stop?


I tried not to post anything about this. But I saw this picture this morning and my heart went into my stomach.

Growing up in southern California there were many fears for a child.

The Bomb that could come from Russia that meant we had to drop to the floor under our desk at school and cover our head with our arms and hands.  You had to know where your local Bomb shelter was. Ours was about 4 miles from our house. Some people built their own.As kids we just knew we would die, how would Mama find me? Add to that the Big One! The earth quake that would find us dead and floating into the ocean.

I wanted more for my kids, and grandkids. I wanted them to wake to a new day without fear of the unknown. But here we are on this day with tears, prayers and hope that somehow this would all end.

We go to church and talk about the love of God, What has happened to the love of life, the love of each other near and far?

I am sad.


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Susie said...

I feel sad too Shopgirl. I think about the lifes lost and disrupted and I feel angry at the evil person who did this. I can only pray for those who are suffering.xoxo,Susie