Thursday, April 11, 2013

Knitting….a Newbie

Yep! I am hooked.

This is what I have been doing. I wanted to learn something new.I have so much to learn, but the gals in my class are wonderful.They all share little hints of how to do it a easier way or a better way. And we all talk non stop. So now I have balls of yarn rolling across the floor often Finley is in twined in yarn. Today it was blue, the other day it was peach. He likes to set on my lap while I knit. “But would rather I did not knit!!!”

DSCN3138 DSCN3139 DSCN3140 DSCN3142

As you can see,I am still working on this one. I will share when it is done. Have a great day:)


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful, beautiful work!!! HOLY COW- You are good for a newbie! xo Diana

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh! You're doing great! Your blanket is so pretty! Twyla

Ruth Kelly said...

I loved my years of knitting but I don't do it anymore because of my hands.