Monday, April 8, 2013

It’s The Berries

The 1920's was, for 8 years and 3/4 of 1929, a very happy decade. The last 1/4 was the Stock Market Crash that could have started the Great Depression that lasted straight through the 1930' s, not ending until mid-1940. A war started before 1920, and a war broke out in 1929. Although it was called the Great Depression, people killed others, killed themselves, became homeless, and became penniless. Actually, the eight years of happiness might have felt like a small vacation to a person who lived during the time.

The Haskins girls


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Janet said...

The Great Depression was such a sad time in our history. I heard about it from my grandparents and my parents. Plus many of my relatives lived in Kansas during The Dust Bowl years. There seemed to be a lot of misery during the 30's!